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Paper submission


Both the "oral presentation" and "Poster presentation" options are available Please mention your choice at the time of submission. There is also the option of "Full paper" OR "ONLY Abstract" OR "NOTHING" to be printed in the Printed Proceedings.

If author like, initially, ONLY abstract can be submitted in any format as .doc or .docx file and later, after getting the acceptance the formatted abstract/full paper can be submitted (according to the conference template).

Email the full paper/review/abstract/poster as attachment to us at:

At the time of submission please clearly specify in the email:

  • 1) Name of the Delegate that like to Register:___________________________ (If more than one author is registering/attending then kindly specify. )
  • 2) Affiliation and Country name of the Delegate that like to Register:________________________
  • 3) Other Author Names and Affiliation of Other authors: _________________
  • 4) Mobile Contact Number with country code (Please specify if Whatsapp/Viber/Telegram is working of that number):________________
  • 5) Conference Name:______________
  • 6) Conference Dates:______________
  • 7) Please Choose Type of Presentation ("oral presentation" and "Poster presentation"):___________________
  • 8) Please choose what is to be printed in the Printed Proceedings ("Full paper" OR "ONLY Abstract" OR "NOTHING"):___________________

DOWNLOADS of copyright, template of full paper and ONLY abstract are available at the Main page of the conference.

There are NO specific instructions for Poster preparation. Please print the poster of A1 size (portrait) on light-weight paper/material and bring the printed poster at the time of the registration to the conference venue.