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Summer 2024 International Conferences Proceedings Back

BHSSE-24, BBEMS-24, ASET-24, ACBEMS-24 & AHS2-24 

ISBN - 978-989-9121-39-3


Prof. Dr. Md. Aminur Rahman

Prof. Dr. L. M. Cardoso

Prof. Dr. Haiu Aurelia


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Carcass and Meat Quality Characteristics Influenced by Sex in Pekin Duck
Uğur ŞEN, Hasan ÖNDER, Sibel BOZKURT
2Growth Curve Estimation for Male Pekin Ducks Raised in Türkiye
Growth Curve Estimation for Male Pekin Ducks Raised in Türkiye
3Estimation of Body Weight from Body Measurements with CART Algorithm for Mexican Hair Sheep
Alfonso J. Chay-Canul, Cem Tırınk
4Epstein-Barr Virus in Silico Studies– Brief Review
Dayang-Sharyati D.A. Salam, Hwang Siaw San, Xavier Chee Wezen
5The Role of Technical Faculties in Developing Skills and Competencies of Students - Challenges and Trends in Education
Eleonora Desnica
6The Motherhood Penalty in Malta, EU and Mon- EU Member States
Vania Tabone
7Savings and Investments for Retirement of Accounting Employees in Suan Luang District, Bangkok Province
Dr. Phatteera Jiraudomsarod, Patcharaporn Polyiam
8Information System Technology Factors and Flexibility Attests the Selection of Ready-Made Accounting Programs (Cloud) of the Real Estate Business Group in Bangkok and Surrounding Area
Siraphat Ling, Dr. Phatteera Jiraudomsarod
9The Factors Affecting the Success of Information System Quality in Filing Personal Income Tax Return Via the Internet of Marketplace Vendors in Nong Chok District, Bangkok
Phornphimol Rasorn, Phatteera Jiraudomsarod
10The Competency of an Accountant Influencing the Artificial Intelligence Operation and Efficiency in, Bangkok Area
Mr. Kissada Srinuanpan, Dr. Phatteera Jiraudomsarod
11Operating Cash Flor Ratio That Affects Return on Investment of Companies in The Real Estate and Construction Industry Group Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Laddawan Kamnuan, Dr. Phatteera Jiraudomsarod
12Accounting Information System Efficiency and Organizational Characteristics Affects Executives’ Decisions in The Area of Lat Krabang Industrial Estate Bangkok
Uthumporn Yimsri, Phatteera Jiraudomsarod
13Guidelines for Developing Accounting Potential that Affect the Work Success of Cooperative Accountants in Thailand
Dr. Phatteera Jiraudomsarod, Ananya Samakkarn
14Factors Affecting Decision Making Choose a Service Provider Shared Vehicles for Transporting Vans Container with Tractor Truck of Entrepreneurs in Laem Chabang Industrial Estate Chonburi Province
Kanchana Danchaiyaphum, Tosaporn Mahamud
15Increasing Efficiency in Work Management Purchasing from a Private Company in the Romklao Area Minburi District
Khetmanee Manet, Watchara Yeesoontes
16Service Quality Outpatients at Kasemrad Hospital Ramkhamhaeng Bangkok
Kawalin Ninae, Tosaporn Mahamud
17Factors Affecting Decision Making Come Back to Use the Service Again Shabushi Shop, Sukhaphiban 3
Pornthip Piwnual, Tosaporn Mahamud
18Decision Making Service Provider in Transportation Logistics of Entrepreneurs Automotive Industry
Suthathip Chompoopuen, Tosaporn Mahamud
19Market Mix Factors Affecting the Decision to Purchase Whey Protein Supplements Among Exercisers in Bangkok
Intira Pokapanit, Tosaporn mahamud
20Deciding to Buy Durian of the Chinese People Living in Thailand
Chen Jingwen, Tosaporn mahamud
21Marketing Mix Factors that Influence Decision Making Buy Nutritional Supplements for the Health of the Elderly
Junwen Chen, Tosaporn Mahamud
22Consumption Behavior Pak Mor Noodles of Consumers in Bangkok
Patcharin Sanarat, Tosaporn Mahamud
23Service Quality that Affects Satisfaction of Cabrik Company Customers (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Wanlapa Panket, Tosaporn Mahamud
24Service Quality of Machine Maintenance Engineering Department Cabrick Company (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Thanee Boonkhum, Tosaporn Mahamud
25Marketing Mix Factors that Affects Decision Making Use the Service of an Agent Company Import Export
Prontep Pomprae, Tosaporn Mahamud
26Factors Affecting Decision making Buy Products from Construction Materials Stores Customers at Thip Steel Shop
Nang Lao Phoung, Tosaporn Mahamud
27Logistics Management Efficiency and Supply Chain of Cabric Company (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Audchara Yuanying, Tosaporn Mahamud
28Deciding to Use Transportation Services Federal Express Company (Thailand)
Krailerk Chokamnow, Watchara Yeesoontes
29Service Quality Logistics that Affects Customer Satisfaction V. Cargo Company Limited
Teeramet Promnet, Watchara Yeesoontes
30An Independent Study Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration Marketing
Poramat Singhasut, Tosaporn Mahamud
31Purchasing Decision Car Electrical Energy produced from the People's Republic of China
Krisna Sakartonsup, Tosaporn Mahamud
32The Inhalation Exposure of Fine Dust (PM10) of Year 2022 in Phitsanulok City site, Thailand
Suttabongkoch Aulpathorn, Supawan Srirattana and Pajaree Thongsanit