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AEBMS-2017, ICCET-2017, BBMPS-17, UPACEE-17, LHESS-17, TBFIS-2017, IC4E-2017, AMLIS-2017 & BEFM-2017


Prof. Dr. Samia Mostafa Kamel Sanad

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yalcin Kaya

Prof. Dr. Abhay Saxena

ISBN 978-93-86878-07-6


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Genetic Variation in Bell Peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) Collected from Iraqi Local Markets by Using AFLP Marker
Ihsan A. Hussein and Shaymaa S. Mahdi
2Effects of Magnetically-Treated Water on Tomato Yield and Uptake of Heavy Metals Under Water Deficit Conditions
Kamorudeen Olaniyi Yusuf, Modupe Ruth Baiyeri and Shakiru Ariyo Sakariyah
3Patterns of Proteins at Different Stages of Red Flour Beetle, Tribolium castaneum
Pranavi Sriramoju and Lakshmipathi Vadlakonda
4Genetic Polymorphism among Species belong to Amaranthaceae Collected from Baghdad Province-Iraq by using RAPD –PCR
Mohammed Mahdi Jawad
5Anatomical Features of (Eichhornia Crassipes (Mart.) Solms) Growing in Iraq
Muazaz A. AL-Hadeethi, Basma M. Al-Obaidi, Feryal K. Khalaf and Baraa H. Saleh
6Influence of Different Treatments of Nutrition, utrescine and Media on Corm, Cormel Production nd some Biochemical parameters of two cultivars Gladiolus under soilless condition
Mahmood Shour, Ali jabbar, Ali Tahranifar, Seyyed Hosein Nemati
7The Effect of Leaves Extract of Mentha sp. and Zizyphus sp. on the Growth of Vigna sp.
Abeer Mohammed Yousif Al-Hallap
8Description new species from leafhopper belongs to genus Neoalitarus Distant, 1918 in Iraq
"Rawa' J. H. Al-Kaissy, Hassan S. Al-Asady "
9Histological Structure of the Kidney in the Iraqi Weasel, Small Asian Mangoose, (Herpestes Javanicus ) (E.Geoffroy Saint.Hilaire, 1818)
Saddama Saed Faraj and Rana Alaa Al-Aamery
10Wastewater Treatment and Possibility of Agriculture Reuse in El-Oued Region (North East Sahar Algeria)
A. Serraye, T. Idder
11Diclofenac Induces Intrinsic Apoptotic Pathway in Cervical Cancer Cells
Erfani M, Ahmadi R, Karimi Ghezeli Z
12The Effect of Cytotoxic Dose of Diclofenac on APC Gene Expression in Cervical Cancer (Hela) Cell Line
Erfani M, Ahmadi R, Farahani N, Karimi Ghezeli Z
13The Common Bacterial Infections in Patients with Leg or Hand Infections
"Khalili M, Karimi Ghezeli Z "
14Lcr1 Immunogen Sequencing and Anti-Leishmaniasis Vaccine Producing
Azimian-Moghadam H, Haghshenas M, Mahmoudzaeh-Niknam H
15"Mutations in Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy Patients "
Haghshenas M, Azimian H, Zare Karizi SH
16Evaluation of Caspase 9 Activity Level in Hela Cell Line Exposed to Cytotoxic Dose of Aspirin
Naji T, Khajavi AF, Mir M
17"Apoptotic Bax Gene Expression in Glioblastoma Cells Exposed to Estradiol valerate "
Farahmandlou N, Noroozi S
18Design of One Dimensional Defective Photonic Crystal Selective Filters
Ouarda Barkat and Badreddine Mamri
19Measurement of Heart Rate using Photoplethsmography
Mehmet Merkepci and M.Sadettin Ozyazici
20Nanoparticulate Hydrogel Incorporated with Mimosa pudica Extract: Formulation and Characterization
Jainey P. James, Sneh Priya and Divya Jyothi
21Gaze Tracking Algorithm using Neural Network
Bich Lien Nguyen and Van Anh Nguyen
22Sustainable Hospital Design for Sustainable Development
Dicle Aydın, Esra Yaldız and Suheyla Buyuksahin
23Sustainability Concept in Architecture via Traditional Dwelling Fabric
Esra Yaldız, Dicle Aydın and Süheyla Büyühşahin Sıramkaya
24Fault Detection in the Activated Sludge Process using the Kohonen Self-Organising Map
Rabee Rustum and Shaun Forrest
25Strategies to Motivate Learners to Learn the Writing Skill: Case Study Students at the University of Bechar-Algeria
Fatiha Guessabi
26"Political Participation of Disadvantaged Women in Decentralized Governance: A Shift from Social Exclusion to Political Inclusion (A Case Study of Dalit Women of 42 Mouza in Cuttack Sadar Block of Odisha, India) "
Dr. Smita Nayak
27Emotional Violence in Selected Ian McEwan’s Fiction
Mina Abbasiyannejad and Faride Pourgiv
28Chemistry Games with Kitchen Resources and Students’ Academic Performance in Electronic Configuration
Cecilia O. N. (Ph.D), Kimson J. I. and Joy J. O.
29"Reality and Hope of Charitable Work in the Kingdom A Field Study Applied on Charitable Work Institutions in the Kingdom "
Prof. Ghada bint Abdulrahman Al Tarif and Dr. Hessa bint Abdulrahman Al - Sind
30Interconnection Model and Mobility Scenarios in the Context of Handover Satellite
S. Aris, S. Sadouni, J. L. Beylot and M. Benslama
31Multi-bit Error Correction Technique for NTC based Network on Chip
Naveed Khan Baloch, Waqar Ahmed, Ayaz Hussain, Waqar Ahmad and M. Iram Baig
32"An Extension Strategy of Concolic Testing for Intentionally Non-terminating Programs "
Woorak Park, Seungman Han, Cheolgi Kim and Euiseong Seo
33Research on the Effectiveness of Management Accounting in China: Perspectives from the Interaction of Formal and Informal Control
Xiangfei Zeng and Lianghua Chen
34Research of the PPP Financing Model in Supporting the Infrastructure Construction of "The Belt and Road"
Qihua Yin
35Factors Influencing the Translator's Choice of Foreignisation and Domestication in Translation into Arabic of Neologisms and Idioms in the Harry Potter Series
Alshymaa Alharbi