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ICEEET-2017, ICABES-2017, ICCATE-2017, ICLSSE-17 & LBMCSR-2017

Prof. Dr. Alina BUTU
Dr. Hemantkumar P. Bulsara

ISBN 978-93-86878-05-2


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Comparing QD and OLED Electronic Displays Technology
Behzad Niazi Damaghi
2Modeling of Double Star Induction Motors with Dynamic Eccentricity
Zohra yasmine Kecita, Mohamed Yazid Kaikaa and Redjem Rebbah
3Distributed Multiple Target Tracking Protocol in Two-Dimensional Binary Sensor Networks
Kuei-Chieh Lin and Chun-Shien Lu
4Design and Comparative Study of Induction and Synchronous Reluctance Motors
Loubna Boudjelida, Redjem Rebbah and Mohamed Yazid Kaikaa
5Use of Waste Road-Asphalt as Aggregate in Pavement Block Production
B. Mohammed, A. M. Ali, S. Ibrahim and B. A. Umdagas
6Valorisation of Polyethylene and Plastic Bottle Wastes as Pavement Blocks
B. Mohammed and F. P. Afangide
7Education of Nutrition and Food Technology Practice in Food Insecurity Group of 1000 First Day of Life Escalated Nutritional Concern
Ancah Caesarina Novi Marchianti, Elly Nurus Sakinah and Nurud Diniyah
8Thoughts on Algae Cultivation toward an Expansion of Aquaculture to the Scale of Agriculture
Amir Neori and Lior Guttman
9Study of Adsorption Isotherms and Kinetic Models of Methylene Blue Adsorption on Moroccan Bagasse Waste
Fatiha Moughaoui, Amine Ouaket, Malak Eddebbagh, Ahmed Bennamara, Abdelmjid Abourriche, Zoubida Anbaoui and Mohammed Berrada
10A Function of Thermoplastic Starch Blends from Tapioca Waste Based on Mechanical Properties and Morphology
Yupawan Thongjun, Thiti Kaisone, Pran Hanthanon, Chanon Wiphanurat, Sumate Ouipanich and Tarinee Nampitch
11Characterization of Tapioca Residue and Coir Fiber as Reinforcement Foam Composites Obtained by Compression Molding
Tarinee Nampitch, Thiti Kaisone, Pran Hanthanon, Chanon Wiphanurat, Sumate Ouipanich and Yupawan Thongjun
12Poly (lactic acid)/Epoxidized Natural Rubber Blends Foams with Nanofillers Cellular Compressed Foaming: Effect of Nanofillers Blends Foam on Physiology, Compressive Strength, Thermal stability and Morphology
Sumate Ouipanich, Thiti Kaisone, Pran Hanthanon, Chanon Wiphanurat, Yupawan Thongjun and Tarinee Nampitch
13Performance of Cluster Bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.Taub.) Genotypes under different Environmental Conditions
P. Satyavathi and M. Vanaja
14Analysis of Multi Minerals from Commercial Juices through Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and Their Role in Human Life
Mehar Ali Kazi
15Apoptosis in Colon Cancer (HT29) Cells Exposed to Estradiol Valerat
Farahmandlou N, Jusheghani F and Karimi Ghezeli Z
16Antioxidant Capacity of Alcoholic Viscum Album Extract Compared to Vitamin C Antioxidant Capacity
Ahmadi R, Khalili S and Karimi Ghezeli Z
17Shear Strength Between Ultra-High Performance Concrete and Old Concrete
Hassan Fardoun and David Begg
18The Effects of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) on Korean College Students’ English-Listening Performance and English-Listening Anxiety
Yoon Jung Kim
19Social Networking Sites and Sexual Behaviour of Students of Tertiary Institutions in Kogi State, Nigeria
Asogwa, Chika Euphemia, Ojih, Success Emmanuel Unekwu and Onoja, Ibe Ben
20The Intention and Practices of Charity by Females
Komal Niazi, Dr. Waheed Chaudhary and Dr. He Guoqiang
21PowerPoint Presentations Help Achieve Educational Objectives
Božena Džuganová and Anna Barnau
22The Administration According to Good Governance of the Islamic Association of Muslim Ethics in Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Prasert Suksaskawin and Dr.Tosaporn Mahamud
23Living the University Campus Spaces
Flavia Trebicka
24Evaluation of Communication Skills with Audio-Visual Aids
Anna Barnau and Božena Džuganová
25Criticism towards Surveillance Society and Power in Turgay Nar's Theatre Plays
Nurullah ULUTAŞ
26Significance of Personnel Recruitment in Implementation of Computer Aided Design Curriculum of Architecture Schools
Kelechi Ezeji
27Tourism Development and Impact on the Environment in the Region of Attica
Agisilaos Economou and Roido Mitoula
28Profiling 14001 and Green Key Certified Hotels in Greece: A Managerial Perspective
Eleni Sardianou, Vaitsa Gkaragkani and Ioannis Kostakis
29Studying the Role of Organizational Justice in Employee Job Satisfaction of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) in Ardebil Province
Dr. Azim Mehraban
30Variables affecting High-Tech Cluster Innovation: A Statistical Approach
Mousa Al-kfairy, Prof. Souheil Khaddaj and Dr. Robert B. Mellor