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The participants may choose a Hotel of their own choice and budget from popular booking sites, such as:

Hotels Near Conference Venue hotel:

  • Ramada by Wyndham Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Address: Sloterweg 299, 1171 VB Badhoevedorp, Netherlands) 4 star Hotel - Distance about 2.5 km
  • Hotel ibis budget Amsterdam Airport (Address: Schipholweg 185, 1171 PK Badhoevedorp, Netherlands) 2 Star Hotel - Distance about 400 M
  • Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam (Address: Schipholweg 275, 1171 PK Badhoevedorp, Netherlands) 4 star Hotel - Distance about 1.6 km
  • Amrâth Apart-Hotel Schiphol Badhoevedorp (Address: Meidoornweg 2, 1171 JW Badhoevedorp, Netherlands) 3 Star Hotel - Distance about 2.9 km
  • Hotel Herbergh Amsterdam Airport (Address: Sloterweg 259, 1171 CP Badhoevedorp, Netherlands) 3 Star Hotel - Distance about  2.4 km
  • Mercure Hotel Amsterdam West (Address: Oude Haagseweg 20, 1066 BW Amsterdam, Netherlands) 4 Star Hotel - Distance about 3.2 km


Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. It was originally founded in the 12th century as a fishing village. It received his name from the Amstel River and the dam that was built to avoid the floods from the South Sea. Herring and beer trade with free passage helped Amsterdam to grow and earn an important role in trade worldwide.

Most visited city in the world

So how did Amsterdam become one of the most-visited cities in the world? Well, Amsterdam is a gorgeous city. It conjures up images of tulips, canals, houseboats, and museums. The city’s wealth made it a main attraction, an opportunity to experience the finer things in life. Many famous painters lived in Amsterdam, and you can find many famous works of art in the museums here. Of course, nowadays Amsterdam’s tourism is based on its image as a party capital. Amsterdam’s tourism contributes largely to its wealth today.

Amsterdam Tourism Today

Today, people come to Amsterdam to see exquisite streets, decorated with flowers, and separated by canals. But tourists also come to Amsterdam just to have a good time. Presently, much of Amsterdam tourism is based on the coffee shops and the Red Light District. It’s true that marijuana and prostitution are both legal in Amsterdam, although there are strict regulations on both.

Although these industries bring Amsterdam tourism, they are not as highly visited by local Dutch people.

Amsterdam Tourism & the Red Light District

Amsterdam is perhaps most famous for the Red Light District – women in lingerie, dancing in the windows, inviting men in. Much of Amsterdam’s tourism is based on this phenomenon. It’s also widely believed that it’s a good profession here since the government regulates the industry.

However, a large percentage of women are trafficked or manipulated. When you know what’s going on behind the windows, you might think twice about visiting that part of the city.

Amsterdam Tourism and Burgeoning Cultural Diversity

A country renowned for its tolerance and welcoming attitude, Amsterdam is one of the few countries that has a coalition government, where everyone’s views are respected and represented. With over 180 nationalities residing in the city, Amsterdam is as diverse as they come. People come to Amsterdam for the international atmosphere. Amsterdam tourism attracts visitors from all over the globe.

7x must do in Amsterdam

Congratulations and welcome to Amsterdam! You’ve set foot in our tiny, little country, and you’ve made our illustrious capital city your first stop. So, what’s next?

Let yourself be guided by the following to-do list and we guarantee you’ll have a blast.

1. Rent a bike

Here in Amsterdam, we like to bike, and so should you. It is by far the cheapest and most efficient means to get around other than walking. Traffic might freak you out at first, but it won’t be long before you’ll fall in love with the characteristic Dutch two-wheelers. Our hostels are a good starting place for your first authentic Dutch bike rental.

2. Tour the canals

You don’t leave Amsterdam without having experienced a canal tour. Especially, given the fact there are more canals here than in Venice! There is a wide variety of options on boat tours, but you can buy canal cruise tickets at a reduced price in our hostels. Also, we will give you the utmost respect if you manage to correctly pronounce ‘grachten’ (canals in Dutch).

3. Museums, museums, museums

Alright, this part could well be a never-ending story, as Amsterdam has so much to offer in this respect. Internationally renowned museums, 7 things Museumsuch as the Van Gogh museum, the classic Rijksmuseum, or its contemporary counterpart the Stedelijk Museum, are must-sees if you have a love for art. Then there is the gripping Anne Frank House, which lets you peek inside the life of a Jewish teenager in hiding during WWII. Visit the Tropical Museum to brush up on Dutch colonial history, or the Heineken Experience for a tour on one of the world’s most famous beer brands, and so much more!

4. Walk a park

Though a major city, Amsterdam has put a lot of effort into staying green. There are several parks to relax, 7 things Parkstroll, and picnic in. The Vondelpark has always been a city favorite, joined by the Rembrandtpark and the lovely Sarphatipark, Throughout the year, several festivals are hosted in these parks as well, making our green spaces very multi-faceted.

5. Stroll the markets

Markets are a good starting point to get a sense of Amsterdam as a multicultural city. It is the perfect opportunity to taste, smell, and see everything that makes us Dutch. From warm stroopwafels (waffles with caramel syrup!) to Vietnamese egg rolls, salted herring to Surinam delicacies, and Gouda cheese to Turkish kebab. Go to the Albert Cuyp Market to stack up on souvenirs, the Dappermarkt for multicultural cuisine, the Waterlooplein Flea Market for bargains, and the Flower market for your tulips.

6. Shop ‘till you drop

If you want to treat yourself with a stylish set of clothes, or some fashionable accessories, you’ve come to the right place. Shopping in Amsterdam can be quite an experience. Right at the doorstep of our hostel Shelter Jordan, you can find the so-called area of ‘Nine Streets’. It is a neighborhood that breathes vintage and trendiness from every store. For more casual shopping you can go to the Kalverstraat, while the rich and famous spend their money on the P.C. Hooftstraat.

7. Visit a church

Whether it’s Sunday or not, whether you’re religious or not, churches are a place of wonder in every city. Even so in Amsterdam. The impressive Nieuwe Kerk on Dam Square has traditionally been the host of royal weddings and inaugurations. Admire the architecture of the Oude Kerk, or climb the characteristic tower of the Westerkerk. Don’t skip the Our Lord in the Attic church; a hidden gem near the Red Light District reminding the Protestant city of its Catholic past.

10 FREE things to do in Amsterdam:

Are you looking for awesome, free things to do in Amsterdam? We have an international staff here at our hostel, and we’re often on a budget, just like you might be during your stay in Amsterdam.

We want to help you enjoy your time here, even when you don’t have much money to spend. So here are 10 free things to in Amsterdam, as recommended by staff members!

1. Begijnhof

One of the free things to do in Amsterdam is to visit Begijnhof. The Netherlands is famous for its courtyards with almshouses around. Most of these courtyards are open to the public. Begijnhof is a quiet courtyard where a group of unmarried religious women lived back in the 14th century. In Begijnhof you can still find a little chapel, which is the oldest house in Amsterdam.

2. Cheese Museum

Do you like cheese? Or do you want to try typical Dutch food? Visit the Cheese Museum. It is free entry and offers free samples of specialty cheeses. It is really close to the Anne Frank House and to our Shelter Amsterdam Hostel in the Jordaan. A must visit when in Amsterdam!

3. Free Concerts

Amsterdam has many free concerts you can visit if you’re looking for fun things to do in Amsterdam. The Royal Concertgebouw has free lunch concerts at 12:30 on Wednesdays, and the Muziektheater has free concerts at the same time on Tuesdays. If you enjoy jazz music, then head over to the Bimhuis, a nice location that offers at least one free evening concert every week. It’s the perfect thing to do in Amsterdam, especially if you’re a musician.

4. Open-air Market

Another free thing to do in Amsterdam is to visit one of the open-air markets. There are loads of markets spread over Amsterdam, especially during the weekend. You can find almost anything there or you can just walk through and enjoy the atmosphere. When you go to a market in the Jordaan area on a Saturday you can see and hear an original Dutch street organ.

5. Public Library of Amsterdam

Don’t forget the famous library. Amsterdam’s library is one of the largest in Europe, with approximately 28,000 Msq in size. This is a unique place, with extraordinary architecture. On the top floor, the library has a café, where you can enjoy a coffee, sitting on the balcony, and looking at a gorgeous view.

6. Free Ferry to Amsterdam North

All public transport costs money, except for the ferry to Amsterdam North. The ferry is free to take to visit the north side of Amsterdam. You can find the ferry behind the central station; the ferries run every 5-10 minutes. Taking the ferry is one of the coolest free things to do in Amsterdam.

7. Civic Guards Gallery

Most people don’t know about this free exhibition in Amsterdam. But in the Kalverstraat gate that goes to the Amsterdam Historical Museum, you can find 15 huge paintings that show the Civic Guards of Amsterdam who served in the 1600s. These artistic works are placed in a walkway with a glass roof and it is worth including on your shopping tour through the Kalverstraat.

8. Rijksmuseum Gardens

The Rijksmuseum Gardens are free, although a lot of people don’t know the Renaissance and Baroque Gardens are open to the public. Additionally, you get a free printed guide that explains the history of the fountains, ponds, statues, and architectural pieces. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a free thing to do in Amsterdam!

9. City Archives Amsterdam

My favorite free thing to do in Amsterdam is visiting the City archive. You can dive into the rich history of Amsterdam without paying anything. Every month they show a different movie about Amsterdam. There are also tons of pictures to see in a slideshow about the history of Amsterdam. It is one of the great things to do in Amsterdam.

10. Information Centre of the ‘North-South metro line’ of Amsterdam

The last free thing to do in Amsterdam is to visit the information center of the North/South metro line of Amsterdam. This big project started in 2003 and is hoped to be finished in 2017. The North/South metro line project cost just over 3 billion euro’s already. For more information, please contact them at +31 (0) 203445070 or visit them directly. This is one of the most interesting free things to do in Amsterdam.


AMSTERDAM TOURIST INFORMATION: https://www.dutchamsterdam.nl/amsterdam-guide